Premier Inn Derby North West  -  3 Star

95 Ashbourne Road, Mackworth, Derby, Derbyshire, DE22 4LZ [ Telephone not available ]

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Premier Inn Derby North West 95 Ashbourne Road, Mackworth Derby Derbyshire 1 1.0
Empathy None, Incompetence Plenty
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'We were to expect my wife’s cousins and their children over from the US from the 2nd to the 4th of August and as such required accommodation for the duration. We chose the Derby North West Premier Inn on Ashbourne Rd as it is just on the edge of the countryside rather than the one at the Mallard which is closer to us. So, having booked early I managed to secure three rooms at a good rate to accommodate the six of them Following the terrorist attacks in Manchester on May 22nd and London on June 3rd they not surprisingly were concerned for their own and their children’s safety and informed us that they were cancelling the trip. That week I called the hotel and informed them that the rooms were not to be needed, I was aware that there was a non-cancellation policy attached to the rooms. I explained that I accepted this and was not seeking any re-imbursement, I asked if I could effectively bank the money and use it at a later date in other premises of yours. The rooms could then be re-let instead of having 3 empty rooms for the duration. Rather brusquely it was informed that this was not possible under the terms of the booking. I then contacted the reservations service and explained the situation to them, not wanting money back etc etc. Again in brusque terms I was informed that was not possible and the booking would stand. So I accepted that I could not re-use the money and it would be lost. The Americans having been counselled by family decided to resume their trip all be it with a few less people. That worked out well as I still had the rooms available, my wife and I were to stay in the now spare room with them. On to August, I was going to ring or visit the hotel to make sure everything was ok with the booking, however on Monday 31st I received an email advising me that it was possible to check in online. This I did and received an email to say that we were all booked in and looked forward to welcoming us on the 2nd. On the 2nd my wife and I drove down to Lond'

Review By - Roy Scattergood
Travelling as - Group of Adults
Date - 22nd August, 2017

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