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The Romans evenually conquered Britain in AD 43, during the reign of Claudius. Forty thousand men landed in Kent and quickly began to make their presence felt by taking Colchester, a major tribal capital. Of the four legions who arrived on our shores, IX Hispana travelled north and came to the place we know today as Lincoln.

Historic Lincoln at this time lay within the area of the Iron Age tribe called Corieltauvi and traces of an Iron Age settlement have been found on the east bank of the Brayford Pool. The Romans, understanding the military advantage of the site, built a fortress on top of the hill, a strategic position over looking the River Witham and the major trackways around Lincoln. The Legion IX Hispana occupied Lincoln from about AD 54 -71 but some time after AD 71, the IX Legion left for York and was replaced by Legion II Adiutrix, who remained in Lincoln until AD 78.

During the military occupation it was important for the Romans to keep order and control. To do this effectively, forts were established enabling troops quick access to the troublesome areas. Unfortunately only few have remains that can be seen. The best examples are at Horncastle and Caistor. Both towns are late 4th Century walled towns (possibly military), directly linked with a pre-Roman route recognised today as the B1225.

Lincoln Centre

Lincoln Centre

Lincoln is without question one of England's most beautiful historic cathedral cities. The most well known and most visited buildings in this fascinating city are the world famous Cathedral and Castle, but to just see these sights and neglect the rest of Lincoln would be a crime. Lincoln possesses excellent shopping, entertainment and leisure facilities but most people are drawn here due to its rich and diverse heritage and history. Having been first occupied by the Romans, only then to be taken over by the Vikings, who were then in turn usurped by the Normans, it would be hard to find a more interesting city in England.


Lincoln Castle - Lincolnshire

Lincoln Castle - Lincolnshire

By Norman times Lincoln was the third city of the realm in prosperity and importance, the city even had its own mint for making coins. In 1068, two years after the battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror began building Lincoln Castle on a site occupied since Roman times. To enlarge the site 166 Saxon houses were demolished, the Castle dominated the Lincoln skyline until the Cathedral was built. It is one of only two castles in Britain built with two mottes (Lewes is the other). The Castle was the focus of several military battles during the reign of King Stephen and King John and was besieged during the Baron's War in the early 13th century. Many original features still remain and the wall walks provide visitors with magnificent views of the Cathedral, the City of Lincoln and the surrounding countryside.


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